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Uncover by silvermind Uncover by silvermind
making a wallpaper for a change.
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cuttheredwire Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2002
Reminds me of American McGee's Alice... especially the stages around the Hatter (basically an asylem with notable clocks, if you haven't played it). Spings and gears all over, an odd room, an sringe... plus the fact that it's so dark (couldn't make out the other images). Not only did this come out well and show skill, but personally like it. I very rarely can do little more than a preciate skill and vision in such work. Might be that it reminds me of my fav game and is mostly my fav color. Evil Eyes

Great job!

pooka Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2001
Interesting... makes me think of an x-ray of someones head, with just all this junk floating around. Nice! =P (Razz)
insektaserpenta Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
great use of negative space... i like the overall photo negative feel of it, too... seductively creepy...

corax Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2001
Excellent piece of work. The grayscale gives it a very grim, obscure, brooding feel. Well done; it made it to my desktop. :) (Smile)

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atari Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2001
I don't know what to make of it, but its pretty damn cool that's for sure.

-tigerlily- Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2001

very nice sarah, excellent work :) (Smile)
musicinmyhead Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2001
yay another one :) (Smile) i've a friend that'll love this wallpaper, tanks :D (Big Grin)

dvsone Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2001
I like how you made a lot of it very dark, but then brightened up an area, it's almost an inverse of colors.

radio9x Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2001

its MY new wallpaper if that tells ya anythine
no shoulda coulda wouldas
its perfect
shri Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2001
Uhh, making some awsome shit too I must say...
lovely as always...

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ekud Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
very cool hun

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phusion Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i really like this, this is my new wallpaper, its unique, sleek, and dare i say sexy. it leaves a nice black area on the left for icons, etc. its simple, yet detailed. i really like this a lot, and i can't say that about many wallpapers, very nice.

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watchitman Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001
I like this more than any other piece I've seen from you. Very very nice!

roach2018 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001
oh i am love'n all the bugs and spines and shit your putting in your work hun... looking good... you should make me one with a roach so i can put it on my desk top and love it forever! hehe...

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gottmacher Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001
Hmmmm... already saw this, but I like it more the second time around.

A nice black spot for my loads of icons, a good subtle working on the left. And it fits well with the bland color scheme I set up for minimalism when I have a headache.

I applaud you!

-[Transmission terminated]-
anon-y-mouse Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001
reminiscent of a clock in my mind.. with the spring and various mechanical bits.. perhaps balance the darkness on the right with a spring in that corner or some text or something? it just looks a bit off with teh mass of black on the one side to me

mantik Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2001
That's pretty cool man, from far it looks like a cranium.


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